The most versatile
3D pen
in the world


3D drawing, Burning, Soldering,
Foam cutting all in one

Don’t feel like drawing all the time? Just change the tip and you can solder, burn or cut. Other tips are in development!

Become a creator and create three-dimensional models, jewelry, decorations, drawings, accessories and much more. This adapter can also be used for repairing various plastic items (toys, headphones, computer, plastics on a motorbike, car bumper). Thanks to adjustable parameters (temperature, speed) all available kinds of filaments can be used. Only the size of your imagination limits you now.

3DSimo - 3D drawing

Become an artist and redesign things around. Would you like to decorate a wooden plank, wooden spoon or rolling pin? No problem! Turn a leather belt, shoes or a jacket into your own style (unique items). This adapter can also be used for 3D printers for support removal or smoothing a model. Your models will be really flawless upon using this adapter.

3DSimo - Burning

For the engineer in you. Why buy an expensive adjustable soldering station when there is a 3Dsimo mini that can heat the tip in 10 seconds up to 480°C? Now you yourself can repair a torn USB cable, damaged headphones, or start creating your own electronic appliance.

3DSimo - Soldering

Become an architect or a modeler and begin to creating large buildings or a functional RC model (of cars, planes, ships). You can create from plastic, plexiglass, polystyrene, soft foam or EPP. If you have your own 3D printer, you know how hard it is to remove the support; the 3Dsimo mini will also help you with this problem.

3DSimo - Foam cutting

iOS, Android and Windows phone

Use 3dsimo mini options to the fullest by using our APP. Would you like to set up your own material profile, watch instructional videos or print out the templates? No problem.


Look at 3Dsimo mini from all the angles and find out the purpose of each part. Just shift to the right.